Saturday, July 25, 2009

Knock, Knock! WHO's there?

A favorite limerick of mine...

Knock, knock!

Who's there?



Doctor Who!

Well, Doctor Who ebooks are real hard to find on the net. Especially a complete collection of the 156 original novelizations by the Target Brand, of the original Doctor Who series.

So, I have decided to upload all those I have(ahem.. all 156 of them ;) ) on to mediafire - so that all Doctor Who fans can enjoy.

Click here to download the classic Doctor Who Novelizations.

I currently have around 15 of them up, but will soon complete uploading the rest.


Valentín VN said...

Hi, I'm a Doctor Who fan.

Glad to meet you and your blog.

Great Idea to post the old novels.

De Thaumaturge said...

Hi Valentin...

Thx a bunch..
Do keep reading as there are a lot of books coming in this weekend

homem 3D said...

Glad to see you enjoy them. It took me over 3 years to scan them all in and format the books.

I used to post them on Demonoid, now up on rapidshare. If anyone's interested I have them in several file formats: LIT, CHM, PDF, PDB and HTML, and I'm thinking of making up epub files for use with ebook readers, if there's any interest.

And actually, there's 160 target stories. You forgot Slipback, and the 3 Missing Episodes, which I also digitized.

I didn't think they would be very hard to find, though. ;)

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